Knew Productions Ltd

Training & Induction Videos

How your employees and contractors operate is crucial to the success of any company. We can help you to successfully communicate important training and educational messages.

Training a number of employees to the same high standard can be costly and time-consuming. An instructional or educational DVD can really help deliver the same information to an unlimited number of people, be repeated as often as you like and make sure that everyone gets the right message.

At Knew Productions, we make videos that bring the information to life, making it meaningful and easier to remember.


Case Study : Castle Cement Training Video

Castle Cement has three main sites in the UK. We were commissioned to create a broadcast quality video for their Padeswood Works site, to deliver essential information to new contractors. This included information on Health & Safety procedures, environmental considerations, site procedures and access to facilities.

The result has been so successful that we have also produced specific induction videos for the other two UK sites – and various other departments. The video has been shown thousands of times – and shows no sign of being put into retirement yet.

"This was the first time we'd used video as a training tool, and Knew Productions made the process easy and painless. They provided us with a cost effective, quality product that we use nearly every day, which has helped to improve general"
Tony Allan - Director of Production, Castle Cement Ltd