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Recruitment Videos

Finding the right people for the right job isn’t always easy. A professionally produced video can help drive your recruitment process, saving you time and money while delivering better results.

It's often said that a company's most valuable asset is its people. Knew Productions allows companies to use video in all areas of HR. From recruitment and induction, to training, development and customer relations. Knew Productions videos will make your employees feel like movie stars.

At Knew Productions, we have experience of producing recruitment videos that deliver the clients’ message in a clear, factual and appealing way, like these films for the Ministry of Defence, which are ready for inspection…


Case Study : Royal Signals

After successfully completing a similar project for The Royal Engineers, Knew Productions were called up by The Royal Corps of Signals to create a series of short films as part of a recruitment drive. Senior officers wished to showcase the diversity of skills and trades on offer to potential new recruits as well as the professional environment in which they operate.

The project needed to be carefully and effectively managed and required our crew to spend considerable amounts of time in the field with Signals personnel. Capturing the intricacies of the daily lives of these talented men and women was an exhilarating experience.

Most importantly, the great news is that there’s been a rise in recruitment of 32% in the 12 months since the DVD was completed.

"I would personally recommend Knew Productions to anyone looking for a professional and personal service. They have been efficient, cooperative and flexible throughout this project and delivered a product that has exceeded my expectations in every way."
Major Jonathan Mayne - Royal Signals Recruiting and Liaison Staff