Knew Productions Ltd

Fundraising Videos

Raising money for charity is a tough and highly competitive business. A film featuring the best of your case studies can increase your income, help recruit new donors and drive visitors to your website.


Knew Productions is particularly experienced in producing videos which capture the essence of a charity while pulling at the heartstrings. We firmly believe that no charity should be without this essential fundraising tool.

We can incorporate case studies, interviews, profiles and the most appropriate video content in order to tell your story and to inspire actions from your target audience. We can provide a wide range of cost effective solutions for charities and not-for-profit organisations wishing to communicate important messages.


Case Study : St. Kentigern's Hospice

The Hospice is one of a number of charities to have commissioned Knew Productions to create a fundraising DVD to help increase its income.

The fundraising team needed a short film to show on their website, on You Tube and at the wide variety of events at which they are asked to speak. Our job was to accurately and sensitively reflect the difficult but inspiring nature of the hospice’s work with terminally ill adults, with the ultimate aim of asking the viewer to donate money.

With more than a decade’s experience working in the charity sector, we were able to work closely with hospice staff to pick the right stories from a number of possible case studies. We guided them through the filming process and supported the patients and families as we conducted moving interviews on camera.

"Knew Productions have huge experience in the hospice movement and were a joy to have around. The filming took just three days and the staff and patients thoroughly enjoyed being part of the process."
Sarah Jones - Income Generation Manager, St Kentigern Hospice