Knew Productions specialises in creating professional corporate communication video content for companies operating in the heavily regulated healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sector.

We are well versed in global standards, non-disclosure of information, sensitivity of recordings, filming at high-security locations and we are comfortable working to globally dictated brand guidelines.

Our crews have many years’ experience of filming in pharma sector production facilities and cleanroom environments. We have unique expertise, systems and processes for filming for the pharmaceutical sectors; some of our production techniques have been described as industry leading.


We frequently produce the following types of video:

  • Drug/device demonstration and launch
  • Manufacturing process videos
  • Internal promotional/campaign videos
  • Validation videos
  • Town Hall recordings
  • Anniversary, awards and staff conferences
  • Onboarding & induction videos
  • Media training
  • Patient case studies/ testimonials
  • Senior management and Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) interviews

We already work with many of the major players in pharmaceutical manufacture, such as AstraZeneca, Ipsen and Abbott. So, to see how we could use video to help your business, just get in touch anytime.

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