Knew Productions Ltd

'Blue Light, Back Off' Young Person's Safety Video

It had become apparent to the North Wales Road Safety Group that children aged around 10 to 12 risked being involved in collisions with emergency vehicles because they didn’t know how to behave as one approached at speed.

We had worked successfully with the client on a number of projects in the past and they were confident that we could engage and educate their young audience about the dangers, without lecturing them.

Getting children and young people involved in the filming process was hugely rewarding for us, great fun for them and very effective. They felt like TV stars as we taught them how to present on screen and record the voice over from a script.


"Our partnership with Knew Productions ensures that we continue to have an impact on our young audience. Richard’s background in children’s television serves him well and he is always able to present the facts in an exciting format”.
Alan Hinchliffe – Road Safety Officer, Denbighshire County Council