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Video Process Guide 2 Pre-production

3rd Nov 2014



This is the all-important planning stage. It is essential that we fully understand your product or service, so, taking an accurate brief is crucial. The target audience and main messages must be considered, this develops into scripting and sometimes storyboards. Requirement for voice overs, presenters, actors, music, on screen text, interviews, animation and motion graphics can be discussed. Translation and subtitling can be planned if necessary. Your video should be in line with your branding. Knew Productions will be able to work with your marketing team to ensure consistancy.


Knew Productions always recommend a 'recce' before the filming day so we can plan lighting, sound recording and ensure everyone involved is prepared and knows what to expect! In order for the filming days to run smoothly it is essential that the planning is thorough, accurate and timings are realistic, from this we can plan a Production Schedule.