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Video Production Process Guide #1

Whatever your business, big or small, the benefits of video are undisputed. Video is the perfect way to ensure that your key messages are easily available to your stakeholders and customers. It is the best medium to help busy people absorb the important things that you want to say!   Video is... more »

Video Process Guide 4 Post-Production

Once the footage has been shot, the edit suite at Knew Productions studio is where the magic happens! A general estimate is 1 day filming = 2 days editing, though this depends on each individual project. Music, text, voice over, animation and other effects can be added at this stage. Its where hours... more »

Video Process Guide 3 Filming Days!

The production stage is when the planning comes together and the filming takes place. This can involve the director, camera and lighting crew, sound recordist and actors if required. Knew Productions will direct the shoot ensuring sound and pictures are captured at top HD quality. There can of cours... more »

Video Process Guide 2 Pre-production

Pre-production.   This is the all-important planning stage. It is essential that we fully understand your product or service, so, taking an accurate brief is crucial. The target audience and main messages must be considered, this develops into scripting and sometimes storyboards. Requirement ... more »