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8th Jan 2021


That’s show business!

Social distancing measures and working from home are continuing to have an impact on business development. Many companies thrive on the interaction between work colleagues and meeting with new clients, but with the UK lockdown easing then tightening, it seems we will have to become used to this unnatural ‘normality’ for the foreseeable future.  One part of business that has been particularly hit is conferences and exhibitions. These events, which rely on in-person attendance and physical interaction, have relocated online as virtual exhibitions and trade shows, with more and more sessions being carried out via webinars and other video conferencing platforms. 


Getting the message

With this face-to face time being dramatically reduced, people are having to find new and ingenious ways to get their messages across to a wider audience. Video has always played an important role in conferences and exhibitions, as they are a proven medium to encourage engagement. However, they have become even more important as a way of launching and demonstrating a new product, or to introduce a new service in the virtual exhibition space. Factory and site tour videos and training video are becoming increasingly important too.


Regardless of the industry you work in, from manufacturing to construction and engineering, it’s central that a video reflects a company’s ethos and image. That’s why it’s essential to strike the right balance between tone and content. It’s got to be informative, concise, not longwinded and vague, and encourage engagement beyond the screen, to translate into new clients and custom. And of course, you want your video to be professionally produced, filmed and edited to create something that is exciting and engaging, and ultimately, make a high impact. 


Make a reel difference

Having a video that you screen as a supplement to a presentation or as part of a virtual webinar can be a worthy investment. It can include interviews with personnel, but can also feature previews of new products, still photography, animation and text, to present its subject matter. Running times can be defined and tailored to the message, audience and any size of budget, from two minutes, to five minutes. 


For a short presentation, outlining a company’s business offering, for example, three minutes works well. This can be used beyond conference webinars and be used on websites and in online networking or business promotion forums. However you use a video, it can make all the difference in conveying news about your firm and attracting new business.         


Located near Chester and Wrexham in North Wales, Knew Productions has over 20 years of experience as videographers and producers, working for all sorts of clients, in many different sectors. But even we haven’t encountered anything quite like the current fluctuating situation which businesses are having to navigate. Even with all the restrictions in place, it’s still possible for filming to be carried out safely. Our technicians mitigate any risk to those involved, with every precaution taken. Full risk assessments are carried out and social distancing is maintained at all times during the filming sessions. We can be adaptable and also film outdoors or on location, adhering to whatever current restrictions are in place in any given week or region.


If you’re thinking of creating a promotional video and would like some advice on how you’d like to approach this, then get in touch with us today.