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Videos for Conferences - the essential component

15th Sep 2016

So, what are the benefits that video can bring to conferences and how can this fabulous, dynamic medium be used?!

Well, firstly, they're not to be confused with ‘video conferencing’ - oh no, in our world, conference videos are something much different to and more exciting than Skype! The benefits of our professionally produced conference videos were hugely apparent at an annual staff conference we worked on recently. In fact there are double benefits that companies and organisations should take advantage of.

Firstly, pre-prepared videos to be shown ‘on the day’ as part of presentations and speeches are very popular as they offer a welcome break for the speaker, but more importantly:


  • they keep the audience’s attention, illustrating and reinforcing what has been said
  • people and places are brought to life - so much better than text or pictures
  • they can show the different sites/departments within the same company and how they fit into the 'bigger picture', demonstarating everyones contribution - very uniting on a team day
  • video is the best medium for helping people to absorb your key messages
  • information is given effectively and concisely
  • its a brilliant tool to communicate, educate and influence
  • videos are entertaining and fun! Everyone likes to see people they know - or themselves on the big screen. Our ‘outtakes’ videos, usually shown at the end, are always a huge hit!
  • your conference will undoubtedly be enhanced by a good quality video


Secondly, filming the actual conference on the day itself - so, the speakers, information, activities, audience reactions and atmosphere. This means that there will always be a record of the day. This can be edited and shared, either as promotion, as information for people who couldn’t attend or on social media.


Additionally, in a recent project, Knew Productions filmed and edited a ‘highlights’ version of the conference and activities undertaken, the 'rapid edit' was turned around so quickly, it was shown at the end of the same day! Along with the ‘Outtakes’ video, it kept everyones attention - they were gripped and it ensured a positive, fun ending to the day!