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15th May 2014

Here’s a guest blog from Nick Pagan Copywriting on why press release videos are a growing format to compliment a written press release.

If your business has got some exciting news to share, a video press release is a great way to do it. You get all the benefits of a written press release plus the added impact of a short film showcasing what you do. 
It can have action shots of you at your place of work, interviews with you and your people and testimonials from your customers in it. Having real people in real situations adds real impact. And when it’s accompanied by a traditional press release for the printed media, together you’ve got a really powerful marketing tool.
Today’s world is one of multi-media where consumers are used to looking at content in lots of different forms. A video press release lets them make a visual connection with you and what your company has to offer. Giving them the choice of how to learn more about your business means more potential customers will see what you do. Some may prefer the printed press release in the local and trade press, while others would rather watch a video. Combining the two makes perfect sense.
You can send your news stories to more media outlets too by having a video press release. If you only have a written news story, the broadcast media may not be interested. But send them a film and they might run it. And most newspapers and online news sites can publish written press releases and show your video. A double hit if you like.
Video press releases can also help search engine optimisation (SEO) as Google loves video. You can upload it to YouTube with a link to your website and put it on your news section where it’ll remain for ever. Google, and the other search engines, also love regularly updated, good quality content, so publish your written press releases too. They’ll work hand in hand to help improve your website’s authority and increase rankings. And, of course, get all your business’s news out there.
But remember. Your video news release (VNR) must be like a written one. It has to be a genuine news story, not an advert. The media love stories about website and product launches, new appointments, sponsorships and events. Try and concentrate on these areas to give yourself more chance of your news releases being used.

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