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Video Marketing – An Agency Owners Perspective

14th May 2018

In this blog article Dave Powell, MD of Thrive, gives his view on the role of video in effective brand communication.

Video, I’m a huge fan. It can help make the complex simple and deliver messages to audiences with impact and emotion. And, with such a proliferation of communication channels, marketeers and creatives should embrace the benefits of video in helping communicate their clients’ messages. If you haven’t already – you need to catch up; 87% of online marketeers already use video*.

In agency land, ours at least, there’s a noticeable increase in client demand for video – particularly content creation. In fact, it’s become an expectation that video will form part of many of our campaigns. That’s not surprising when you discover that, according to WordStream, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Like many agencies, we have the ability to create video in-house - to a degree. The truth is we don’t have the expertise, or the kit, to produce high-end video. And nor should we; we’re a creative communications agency, not video experts. That’s why I’m a big advocate of working closely with strategic partners – such as Knew Productions – to deliver engaging, impactful, high-end, compelling video content for our clients.

Naturally, as creatives, we like a hand in things, often that means creating the storyboard and helping define the mood and tone. But when it comes to the big shoot, we know we’re way better off leaving it to the professionals.

If you’re a fellow agency; PR, Digital, Advertising or Marketing, I have a few (hopefully useful) observations and tips:

  • Don’t ignore video – if you don’t have in-house skills, then look for a partner that feels like a good fit for your agency.
  • If you do have in-house skills, understand your limitations – again, work with a partner who can complement your offer.
  • Be transparent – you’ll get better results from working collaboratively. Involve your video producers and your client, the former will have valuable professional insight to offer, the latter will have some ownership of the project at the Oscars!
  • When investing in a bigger project, consider how the video might be edited down, for use on Social Media as an example.

Here’s my final tip, have a look through examples on Knew Production’s website, which I think speak for themselves, and then ask yourself; could our clients benefit more from video like this? Ours certainly have.


Here at Knew Productions we work closely with many leading North West agencies, often openly, sometimes as white label partners – we’re happy to be as involved in the project as you like. If you’d like to grab a coffee, or a beer after work, give us a call on 01244 570222.


*Source: WordStream.