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Video Keeps You In Touch - Safely

3rd Apr 2020

The current Coronavirus pandemic means that many people are working from home, self isolating and practicing social distancing. Our Knew Productions editors are solitary creatures and used to working alone from their homes and studios. But not everyone is happy doing this! If you are working remotely and want to keep your team motivated, or your customers informed, we can help.


Knew Productions can provide videos with zero contact filming:

- Explainer animations

- Social media edits from existing videos

- Motion graphics and infographics videos

- Website banner montages

- Branded editing from your own phone filming, photos and stock footage


It's a strange and worrying time, so staying in touch is crucial. General information videos, bespoke video messages and internal comms films are great for helping people feel connected. If you would like non-contact help to produce some video content, from the safety of your home, then get in touch. We can give tips on phone filming or discuss the use of photographs, stock footage, music and the creation of animation and motion graphics. Finished productions can be uploaded digitally for you to view and sign off before sharing with your employees, colleagues, clients and customers.


Keep in touch - stay safe!