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The Business Benefits of Professional Video Production; A Marketers Perspective

6th Oct 2015

In this guest blog, Jeremy Bassett DipM FCIM FSMF, Chartered Marketer and Vice Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in North Wales, offers us his personal opinion on the use of video in 'business to business' organisations. 


Video Comes of Age

There are many fads in marketing communications. New offline and digital media spring up, become ‘all the rage’ and in many instances lead to businesses spending valuable budget on something that is never going to repay the investment. 

Working mostly in the business to business sector, which has completely different dynamics to the business to consumer sector, I have seen organisations wrestle with the importance and effectiveness of web; email; video and of course now the greatest con of all – social media!

More of that another time, but for now let’s consider video, a medium which has not only stood the test of time, but matured into a vital component of every ‘business to business’ organisation’s armoury. Was it always the case? Emphatically NO!

And for many years I despaired as egotistical directors longed to have themselves ‘immortalised’ on corporate video, not realising the brand damage they were doing! When it comes to appearing on camera, most of us aren’t even Wayne Rooney, let alone Micky Rooney!!

But now the genre is used more intelligently by film and video producers, concentrating less on talking heads and more on visually demonstrating product and serviced based solutions to the niche markets that the client company serves. For example, explaining differentiated manufacturing processes through film is far easier than in written copy. A few succinct sub titles will guide the viewer to the salient points.

Producing video to support service level agreements with customers gives an easy point of reference over and above the formal document and delivering consistent training messages, internally, is an easy way to maintain uniformity of standards.

We all talk about searching on Google and most of us use the search engine as our first point of call when researching. And yet the current estimate is that if you sat down to watch an entire day’s upload to You Tube is one sitting, you would still be there in fourteen year’s time! Such is the popularity of ‘moving pictures’ as a search solution, that it has become equally as important as word content search.

It also helps the natural ranking of a business website. Google rewards sites businesses that use multiple platforms (dare one say particularly those they own?) and whereas my particular jury is still out the lasting impact and eventual ROI from the current frenetic activity in social media, video is now a necessity and businesses ignore this medium at their peril.


Jeremy Bassett DipM FCIM FSMF

Chartered Marketer 

Vice Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in North Wales


These are Jeremy’s personal views