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Top Tips on Phone/Tablet Filming

25th Jan 2021


Small Screen Endeavours

For many of us, new gadgets are usually at the top of our wish lists at Christmas time. With early-2021 lockdown restrictions keeping us all at home, now is the perfect time to get to grips with your new smartphone or tablet. By testing and practising filming with your new device, you’ll be ready to go when we’re able to get out and about, and safely film people and places once more. 


Here are our top 10 tips for you to think about, before you press record and start filming for real:

  1. Make sure your phone or tablet camera is set to capture film in HD. Check the camera settings to enable this.
  2. Always hold the phone in the landscape/horizontal format unless it’s specifically for TikTok or Instagram.
  3. Don’t use selfie sticks. These can create camera shake, especially if used in bad weather.
  4. Try to steady the phone as much as possible by resting it on a stable surface, or using a tripod. 
  5. When recording, keep the camera fully zoomed out (wide) all the time. This also helps to make the shot steadier. If you want to get a closer shot, move nearer to the person or subject rather than zooming in. 
  6. Do not shoot directly into the sun, or against a window if you are indoors, as will make the person you are filming silhouetted.
  7. When filming conversations or interviews be aware of recording good-quality sound. Wind blowing against a phone or tablet will be picked up by the microphone and cause a distorted crackling sound, which is then impossible to get rid of. 
  8. If you are using an external microphone, keep it close to the sound source you are recording. 
  9. Record in a quiet location. You don’t want what you are recording to be drowned out by noisy background sounds, such as traffic. If filming is interrupted by any loud background sounds (such as a door slamming or cars zooming past) rerecord the segment again.
  10. If you are filming an interview, position the camera as close to the person as possible, but not so close as to be distracting and obtrusive.


Back Up!

One final tip. Make a note of what has been filmed and in what order. Save the video clips onto your iPhoto gallery or other storage option, so that they are safe and ready for editing at a later date. 


Once you’ve experimented with the phone or tablet for a few hours, you’ll soon find what works best for you and enable you to get the most out of your Christmas gift.


If you have some footage that you’d like to use, as an online video or promotional tool, we can take that self-filmed footage and give it a professional polish. If you need advice on creating Q&A films or interview videos, do get in touch with us today.