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The Year Ahead - Preparing Internal Comms

3rd Nov 2021

Happy New Year! We know it seems a bit pre-emptive, but the way this year’s flying by! When we turn the page on another year, there’s a wealth of business-related milestones and activities that need to be addressed. Thinking about such elements as annual reports, staff conferences and team days, key product launches and ‘state of the nation’ New Year messages may seem odd in October, but like any effective business activity, advanced planning will ensure success.

It’s important that you get your New Year communications out across multiple platforms and with succinct, concise messaging. Most companies these days are using digital more and more as a way of communicating, both internally and externally. This can be anything from text messages and Word documents, to images, audio and video.  


Addressing key issues

Increasingly ‘state of the nation’ type messages – delivered by a CEO or another senior figure to give insight and updates on a business’s standing – are being made as videos. This is especially true in the current business world, with many staff still working from home, and as a consequence cannot be addressed in person. The importance of keeping everyone informed and feeling part of a team has never been more relevant than now.   

Making a video of the address, with audio and visual components, imbues the enterprise with professionalism, which will reflect well on your company. If an address is recorded as a video, then it can also be used on your company website and distributed across other platforms.


New year, new products

A new year offers a fresh start and a clean slate when it comes to announcements. It’s a good time to launch new products and services, as a ‘New for 2022’ arrival. If you’re launching a new product, you might provide advance teaser dates, and you can also prepare a video clip promoting it. Filming and editing a product launch clip is not a two-minute job and from first concept to release can take time. You need to think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. This all requires planning, discussion and input, and is the kind of thing you should be thinking about now, to make a splash in the New Year.    


Next years look

There’s also the ‘looking back’ on the year gone by. There will be an official annual report to compile and collating the information for this will offer a chance to reflect on strengths and weaknesses, successes and room for improvement. The information that is collated for annual reports, staff conferences will often form the substance of the ‘state of the nation’ address, so these elements and research dovetail together. As you prepare one, you can also have an eye on the other. Again, information such as annual reports needn’t be traditional ‘dry’ documents. They can incorporate illustrative material and can be supplemented with video and other media to bring the information to life. It will also shape the business’s direction in the year to come. They can even be done completely as a video.



At Knew Productions, we create all kinds of video to promote a diverse range of sectors, from traditional industries and utilities to education and entertainment. As you can see, advanced planning is key and if you’d like to start talking about how you’d like your next year to look, then get in touch with us today.