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The Video Production Process and You

19th Apr 2021

For a long time, video has been of growing importance as a part of a company’s presence, whether this is as an online tool, or as a broadcast to an audience. In recent months however, it’s become even more vital to have well-made, professional video – be it a company overview, a virtual tour video, a brand film or a promotional video for an online event.

With many businesses separated from their audience at the moment, a video can promote their services remotely. All sorts of businesses are discovering the advantages of having a video that reflects the company and its products or services in a positive showcase. In this blog, we hope to prepare you for what to expect from working with us on producing a top-grade video, and how you can enjoy and contribute to the creative process. 


Working together

The most important aspect of making a video is ensuring it’s a two-way collaboration. Though we’ll take the brunt of the workload, the creative process is enhanced by understanding exactly what you want from your video, and what you think the finished article should look like. We do this by creating a detailed pre-filming brief. 

Often, one of the biggest prohibitive factors in the decision to make a video is that people think it will take a large swathe of their time to make. This doesn’t have to be the case. As, apart from the actual filming and a preliminary meeting, all the work will be carried out in our post-production facilities, using the recorded sound and visuals. Once we’ve agreed with you your aims for the project, it’s up to us to deliver a finished product that you can be proud to be associated with. 

We will make the experience as enjoyable as we can and will offer coaching and tips on how to come over well on screen. Even if you are initially nervous and daunted by the filming experience, our team has the experience to dispel that fear, put you at your ease and bring out the positives and the real you on camera.



Preparation is paramount

By working with you to develop a detailed initial brief, we can build a clear picture of what you expect to achieve with the video. In this initial discussion document, we can outline and agree such criteria as the film’s duration, who the audience will be and where it’ll be available. 

We will also agree details such as who the interviewees to appear onscreen are and filming dates and locations. We will also arrange for any interviews on the day to be carried out and we can collaborate with you on what the key messages are. What style would you like it to be? – would you like animation, or commentary narration, for example? Overall project deadlines will be included here too, so production timescales can be factored in and be realistic. 

This comprehensive briefing document can then be used as a reference for us to create the first edit, which should be pretty close to being what you are anticipating and require only fine-tuning afterwards. We aim to provide you with some ‘WOW’ moments when you first view that initial edit. We want you to be blown away by the impact of seeing a finished (or almost finished) article. 


The added value of experience 

Knew Productions has over 20 years’ experience in working with all kinds of video and in a diverse array of formats. Our team of filmmakers and editors have a wealth of know-how in creating videos for all manner of sectors, from industrial and infrastructure, to entertainment and leisure. By working with different businesses, we have built up an intrinsic understanding of what’s needed and an instinct for what works and what doesn’t. We also have our own style, which we believe adds our own bit of magic to the finished films.

We have produced corporate event videos, trade shows and exhibition videos, conference videos, educational and fundraising videos, case studies, testimonials, recruitment, training, induction, and websites – even TV adverts. Each has its own skill and needs to reflect the format and the audience, so the message is conveyed clearly and concisely.

You can see a selection of our work online, on our website and our YouTube and Vimeo channels. If you’d like to talk to us about creating a video, then get in touch today, to discuss how we can put your business in the spotlight.