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The Popularity of Animation

27th Apr 2017

At Knew Productions we are seeing a big increase in requests for animation videos. This is great news for us because as part of our team we have Chris, our expert animator! Animations are generally used as ‘explainers’ to promote a product or service, as part of a longer video. Animated infographics are really popular, allowing facts and figures to be shared in an interesting, creative way, making the information easy to understand and digest for the viewer.

Animations tend to perform better than text, pictures or other video through paid advertising, especially the social networks, plus there's increased potential to get ‘viral traffic’. This is the in-thing in digital marketing circles, and it’s free! Viral traffic is the result of the sharing of ‘cool’ content by web visitors and as animations are often fun, clever and unique, they are seen as cool to share!

Research shows that any sort of video will increase visitors to your website and very importantly, keep them there, but animation has been shown to maintain the attention of users for the longest! This is great for products and services that are complex or boring but are important to be understood. Animation is adaptable and versatile, its simplicity makes it a very effective marketing tool.

Short, clear, entertaining animations can convey complex messages in a fun, enjoyable way, this has a very positive effect on conversion rates. Also, brand awareness can be dramatically improved when using animation. It captures and keeps the viewers attention, prompting discussion and sharing.




Here are some recent examples we have created:-

Fairerpower -



Trouw Nutrition - 

So, whether you are planning a commercial, presentation, promotional or explainer video, an animation could well be the way to go for your company. To find out more, contact us any time.