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The Many Uses of Video for Business

11th Jan 2018

There are many ways businesses of all sizes and sectors use video to promote products and services, communicate with prospects or train staff, here’s our latest thoughts on some of them.

  • Company overview – add real personality to your business, by introducing your people, your processes and your capabilities. Demonstrate your added value and your competitive advantage in an easily accessible format
  • Product launch – as you bring new products or services to market, use video to provide a customer demonstration. Response rates rise considerably if prospective buyers can watch an explanatory film rather than have a salesman call to see them!
  • Customer testimonials – these add real weight when the customer is interviewed on camera demonstrating or describing how and why they benefitted from working with you. This is exponentially more powerful than a written testimonial
  • Case studies – through the medium of film, we now have the chance to bring our case studies to life and involve the customer in describing their issue and why our solution was the best fit
  • Business Event highlights – many of us are involved in external business events, maybe as a sponsor or participant. Capturing our involvement on film to support blog posts and social media is a great way to maintain profile
  • Product demonstrations – in the same way that a product launch is enhanced by supporting video, having a suite of film covering core products or services in action is very powerful sales aid
  • Video News Releases – for those of us actively using social media as key part of reaching our customers and other stakeholders, announcing news updates on video is an engaging and effective way to ensure the message gets noticed. It’s more powerful than a news release on a static website!
  • Manufacturing (and other) processes – video is great for demonstrating just how it works! The process maybe in manufacturing, showing raw material conversion into a final product, or it may be the process that new customers go through to access a range of services that your company offers. Good process is a competitive advantage – why not showcase yours?
  • Trade shows and exhibitions - these are important events – make yours more productive in two ways. Corporate video on a big screen and hand held tablets, with more detailed video for prospective customers.
  • Expert tips – for many businesses, particularly those selling consumer items, ‘how to assemble it’ or ‘how to use it’ short, expert videos play an important role. Without doubt, you’ll find an ‘amateur’s’ video online so why not put the official one out there!
  • Recruitment – let’s show candidates just why it’s so good to work in your business. We are all competing for the best talent and producing video that shows them the workplace, the environment and culture is invaluable in attracting the right employees.
  • Training and induction – internally there are many ways in which video can support the induction process and ongoing training. Some of the process and expert tips videos mentioned above will also play a role here
  • Health & Safety – for your own staff and for visitors / contractors, health and safety is paramount. Video is a great way to cover off many of the most important H&S messages and enables you to highlight specific hazards, or areas of site where particular care and attention is required.