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The Digital Bra Video!

17th Nov 2015

There were a few raised eyebrows in the office the day we got an enquiry about filming a 'digital bra' video! Richard tried to contain his enthusiasm whilst Margaret and Jess were somewhat intrigued. The marketing company Thrive Creative, based in Congleton, Cheshire had a London based fashion client who needed a video producing about a new bra product and the innovative design/fitting process. The product was to be launched on Kickstarter, in an effort to get funding and investment. The video needed to be attention grabbing and able to make the product stand out from the croud.


It's certainly a different subject matter to our usual product launch videos - and one that the crew were keen to get involved in! The filming days were based in Manchester, one day of vox pops around the city and one day at the amazing Artizan restaurant in Spinningfields. The right surroundings are crucial when developing the image of a brand and the Artizan fitted the bill perfectly.


The filming days went really well and the collaberation between the client, models, marketing company, photographer and video crew proved very successful. The final video was a mixture of interviews, animation and modelling, it was a great project to have been involved in and a good example of a Knew Productions promotional product launch video. You can see the finished video on Kickstarter here, lets hope they get the investment they need so they can take their product to the next level - good luck to the digital bra team!!