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The British Army chooses Knew Productions to shoot recruitment video

21st Sep 2016

Here's our latest press release:


The British Army chooses Wrexham video production company to shoot recruitment video

The Royal Engineers, a unit of the British Army, has turned to a Wrexham-based video production company to help with its recruitment.

National award-winning Knew Productions has produced a six-minute recruitment video, as well as shorter versions for social media, focusing on attracting people to the role of geographic technicians.

It's the latest project Knew Productions has worked on with the British Army, having previously worked with the Royal Signals unit. This project helped increase recruitment by 32 per cent and it is hoped this new video will have similar results.

Knew Productions managing director, Richard Knew, said: “We love working with the British Army.

“It’s such an exciting and visually impressive subject. We got to see first hand the astounding technology in use, and the kit they use is some of the world’s best.

“The Royal Engineers were incredibly accommodating. If we asked for a certain prop or piece of equipment at a certain time, it was there ready and waiting. Their speed and efficiency is incredible.”

As part of the extensive recruitment campaign, Knew Productions has created two versions of the main video to appeal to both reservists and regulars.

Staff Sergeant Roland Barrett said: “Knew Productions is a very professional firm and we are thrilled with the outcome.

“Richard and the team have captured perfectly the varied, exciting, and rewarding nature of life as a geographic technician in the Royal Engineers.

“It’s not a role that is very well known but I’m sure this video will help spread the word and attract high-calibre people. The shorter versions of the video are also excellent and will be a welcome addition to our social media channels.”

Watch the video here:


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