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Preparing Premises for Filming

3rd Nov 2021

So, the script is sorted and the filming dates are in the diary, but do you know what you need to do in the run up to the shoot and on the day itself? Before we visit your office, business premises, factory or other location, we will talk to you and draw up a realistic filming schedule for the day that works for everyone. This will include guidelines on how we’ll carry out the filming, but also how to get the best experience with us. Filming can be daunting for a lot of people, but it needn’t be – and being prepared and aware of what to expect can make all the difference on the day. You and your team might even have fun!


Access all areas

Parking is often a big deal to us because we usually have lots of kit to carry. If our vehicles are located nearby it means we don’t have to bring everything in, in one go. One reserved parking space on the premises, which gives good access to the filming location, can be invaluable in terms of saved time. Also ask yourself whether we will need security or parking passes. If so, arrange these in advance.


A fresh start

Filming nearly always takes longer than you think. If interviews are to be part of your video, we recommend that we shoot these in the morning, when the contributors are fresh and alert. This is purely what we’ve learned from experience, but we understand this can’t always be done. Usually however, morning shoots tend to get the best out of interviewees, leaving afternoons to film general shots (AKA B-roll) - footage that illustrates and explains the dialogue from the interviews.


It’s all about timing

It’s best to allow a bit of time for the film crew to get the camera, sound equipment and lighting set up. For interviews, this might be in a designated boardroom or the largest meeting room. It’s also helpful if you can identify somewhere secure the crew can store the kit and use as a base throughout the day. This could be in the room that the interviews take place in, or somewhere else that is central to where the majority of the filming will happen.


During setup, we’ll light the room and test the sound quality and levels for recording. Air conditioning units may have to be turned off, as well as any other noisy equipment like phones. Delays caused by sound problems can be irritating, but can be easily avoided with some simple prep. This ideally would have been checked and addressed before the filming day as part of a site recce and planning meeting.


Looking good!

Before we arrive, it’s a good idea to tidy and clean any areas that will be seen on-screen, and also clean any signage (indoors and out) if it’s going to appear in the video. The same goes for your company vehicles, if for example we will be filming your fleet of vans or company cars. This will help show your premises and vehicles off at their best and make the biggest impact.  

You should also ensure all your employees are kitted out in the correct workwear, especially if this involves branding, and the correct, clean PPE where appropriate. A representative from your company must be in attendance during filming, to liaise with the crew and to approve procedures, the content and to flag any potential health and safety issues in each shot.

As a final quick tip, branded pop-up banners can be useful to have on hand. They’re great when you need to hide that dying pot plant or add some colour to a plain room, not to mention reinforcing your brand!


Be prepared

Just before filming starts it will save time if you make sure that all the required equipment, clothing, props and any other resources needed, are in position, on hand and ready.

Brief any employees and operatives who might appear in the film, even if they are just working in the background. Everyone needs to know what is required of them - even if it’s to “ignore the camera and work as normal”.

If someone is a little camera-shy, worry not. Our video directors have years of experience in getting the best from people and putting them at ease on set. But if someone really doesn’t want to be involved, no problem, we aren’t all Hollywood wannabes! 

And rest assured, we will run a Covid safe production, adhering to our own policy and the current government guidelines.



The video production process can be complex at times, but that’s why you hire a good production company. We are here to make you look good - it is completely different to opening your doors to “the media” or some tabloid looking for a scoop. You are in charge and nothing happens or is released without your approval.



Now you’ve had a few pointers of what to expect, you can concentrate on enjoying the filming experience and making your business look great on-screen. It is always a rewarding, fun and enlightening experience for everyone involved.