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Planning for your Video

15th Nov 2018

So, you’ve decided you want a video for your business or organisation. You’ve chosen your Production Company and have a good idea as to whats needed - what next?! Surely its just a case of getting out the cameras? No! Not at all. If your finished video is to be high quality with a strong message and your filming day/s are to be well organised, non-disruptive and efficient, plus your overall production kept on budget… then thorough pre-production planning is crucial!

A comprehensive briefing meeting and recce so that the production can be planned before filming commences is essential. The target audience and main messages must be considered, this develops into scripting and sometimes storyboards. The need for voice overs, presenters, actors, make up artists, props and equipment, music, on screen text, interviews, animation and motion graphics can all be discussed. Translation and subtitling can be planned if necessary and your branding guidelines addressed. Depending on the size and complexity of your video, a further recce meeting may be needed so that lighting, sound recording and camera angles can be planned. Your producer must ensure that everyone is prepared and knows what to expect.

It may be, that your video is to be short and simple, with little need for additional crew, equipment or techniques, but it is from this initial meeting that a production schedule can be put together. 

This is a very important document, with timings and locations plus details of what must be captured by the camera and who is to be involved. Back at base, your video team should be busy sourcing and booking crew, equipment and services, for use either on the filming days or later at the editing stage. Any necessary filming permissions must be obtained and crew accommodation organised if needed. Timings must be realistic - and allow for re-takes and alternative camera angles. Only when there is a very clear, accurate schedule, that has been approved by everyone involved, can the cameras be brought out.

As a general rule, editing makes up about 50% of the time spent on a production, 20% of the time is the actual filming, leaving 30% of the time allocated to the planning and pre-production. This often surprises clients who have little experience of making videos, probably because it is the filming days that are the most exciting and the part that they are closely involved in. If the planning stage has been done properly then the filming day will run smoothly! Obviously it is good to be able to be spontaneous and capture footage that hasn’t been planned or is unexpected - but the key to this, and where the skill of the producer lies, is to know when its appropriate to respond to circumstance, what will work in the final edit and ultimately make a great film - and what won’t.

From a customer perspective, its worth remembering that excellent videos don’t just ‘happen’, they are carefully planned and carried out - trust your production company, with a thorough, accurate brief, professional companies like Knew Productions are experienced in knowing how to achieve your vision, whats feasible, what ‘works’ and how long it takes. Be guided by your producer - some things are relatively easy to achieve and are amazingly effective and some things that may seem easy, end up being unnecessarily complicated and simply don’t work well in a particular film. What works in one video may not be as impressive in another. When commissioning a production company, these are the skills you are buying into, and there is no substitute for experience and a proven track record. After 20 years in the industry, Knew Productions are proud to be able to offer this to customers in Cheshire, North Wales and across the UK.