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New Year - Knew Editor

31st Jan 2019

video editor


If you gave the same footage to 10 different editors you’d get 10 completely different videos back. Editing is an art form and the approach can vary drastically. For a production company, selecting the right editor is a vital decision as they are responsible for transforming hours of footage into cohesive, engaging stories for clients.

At Knew Productions our big news to start the year was to introduce Aaron O’Carroll - our new Video Editor. Since graduating in English at Aberystwyth University in 2013, Aaron has worked across North Wales developing skills in content marketing and customer service. As our editor, he knows how to engineer his cuts towards a business goal - whether promoting a brand, service or product, covering a business event, or recruiting and training new staff. He understands how video can help a business grow.

“Videos establish trust in your audience, educate and fuel conversations. They improve web SEO, raise brand awareness and can be shared easily online, maximising reach.’’

Aaron started exploring editing and post production as a teenager - he was an assistant at Knew Productions for a while - and his passion for the craft has never stopped. He’s a huge film buff and loves the excitement and drama good editing can add to a film. The thing Aaron loves most about editing is storytelling. He likes creating a narrative that provokes an emotion from viewers. Having studied Photography in college he has a passion for colour grading and enjoys experimenting with cinematic looks.

‘’We are naturally attracted to video. It’s easier to process than other forms of communication and can be used to explain complex concepts with ease. To truly captivate an audience however, the content must be professional. At Knew Productions everything from scripting to filming to post production is handled with skill. It’s great to be surrounded by the latest processes, kit and tech.”

When he’s not at the edit suite, Aaron likes to get out on set with the crew - especially if it involves working with drones!

“I’m keen to learn more. Richard is incredibly professional and has honed a wealth of knowledge. Knew Productions has a great reputation and I’m really looking forward to meeting clients and being part of such a friendly, creative team’’

Some of his favourite flicks include Whiplash, Pulp Fiction, Alien and Slumdog Millionaire. Aside from being a complete film fanatic, Aaron loves the outdoors. He enjoys painting, bike rides, hiking and rockin’ out at gigs. Be sure to say hi next time you’re in!

Aaron can be contacted using or on the office number 01244 570222.