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'My Work Experience in Wales' - a guest blog by 15 year old Amber!

2nd Mar 2017

                    My name is Amber Sunshine-Farrell and I’ve come over from Ireland to do a week of work experience, with Richard and my Godmother Margaret, at Knew Productions. I’m 15 years old and in Transition Year in my secondary school, a year where we focus on work experience and stepping out into the “real world”. I’ve been to a few other places for work experience but this one is different as it’s for a full week, as opposed to the rest of them that were only once a week for 5 weeks, so I decided I’d take the plunge and travel on my own for the first time to see what it’s like working in a filming/editing studio.


                      I’m glad I decided to come here as the travelling has given me a surge of self-confidence which I wouldn’t have gotten if I’d have stayed in my little town of Westport on the West coast of Ireland. It’s such a different place to go for work experience as well - it was really interesting to see all the professional software, the editing suite and all the computers and filming equipment. It was actually surprising to me just how little filming they do and how much more is the planning process, scripting, meeting with clients, tending to their every need, and making the edit just right. So, although I was surrounded by fluffy microphones, tripods and huge cameras, I only watched Richard film a tiny clip once in the whole week.


                       It’s been so nice coming into the office everyday, into such a friendly atmosphere. Margaret and Richard are so eager to help me and assign me little jobs and to really help me to understand what they do. What I’ve also noticed is that they are so invested in their clients. They give them a lot of their time and adjust the video to the way they’ve envisioned but also have many brilliant ideas of their own to contribute, making the video as good and effective as possible. They’re very good at what they do and very efficient with deadlines and meeting expectations. When I arrived on the Saturday before I started work I found that Richard wasn't home - he was busy in the studio finishing something off for a client - which I think really shows their dedication to their job and clients.


                      I’ve also had the opportunity to meet many employees, past employees, clients, and interns. Whilst on my week of work experience I’ve met the lovely, helpful Gilly who used to work for the BBC, editing and producing. I’ve met Jess, a past employee who came back to visit with lots of news about her new job with The Moving Picture Company in London. I’ve met Martin who came in one of the days to work on some editing, Mike, a friendly client of Richard’s and last but not least, Bianca, a University student on work experience, like me, except based in Media City in Manchester while she finishes her degree. They’re all very lovely people involved in a great company! 


                     To conclude, I’m really glad I came here on work experience as I’ve gained so much confidence and knowledge about the “real world” as it were. Tomorrow I’ll be flying home a more mature young lady! Thank you so much Knew Productions for everything! 




                                                                                                                                 Amber Sunshine-Farrell x