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26th Oct 2021

Play it again, Sam

Were all becoming increasingly aware of the power of video. Whether its a news story that depicts events in a far-flung corner of the world, or an advert that pops up when we look at a certain product were interested in for the umpteenth time, videos have a way of making an impact that words simply cant. Even if we have the sound muted, well-shot and composed images can still get a message across. The power of videos and the ease with which they can be shared is such that a video can go viraland be seen by hundreds, thousands and sometimes millions of people at a time. The audience is out there – what you need is a way of connecting with it.  


Make it memorable

Video is a vital tool for businesses and organisations, who can sometimes get their message and brand across in a video clip far better than a website or press release. We work with a number of businesses – local, national and international – who rely on us to create powerful, impactful, memorable videos. We film and edit everything from promotional and website videos to corporate event videos and testimonials. We also make films such as recruitment videos, and training and induction videos. However, once you have a video completed, that neednt be the end of the story.  


Press replay

What our clients sometimes dont appreciate is how these videos, be they for internal or external use, can be repurposed to use in other media. Take for example a promotional video for a company. Most businesses these days have multiple media channels. Theyll have a website but linked to that theyll have a presence on social media platforms – such as twitter and Instagram – and also platforms specifically for professionals, such as LinkedIn. If youre maintaining and updating your presence online regularly – which to maximise its benefit, you should do – then video clips and other footage can be used to illustrate posts and news stories associated with your business, sector or customers. You can use clips from your company promotional video across multiple platforms and then link the clips back to the full-length version of the film, and to your website. In this way clients and future customers can see what you have to offer them.  


Short cuts to success

Here at our studio, we urge clients to consider creating updates or shorter versions of their main video. These new edit requirements can address a specific issue, or aspect of your company, service or product youd like to highlight. It can be any length, but ideally soundbites of less than a minute work best. A quick 30-second video quote by a company representative, or a short excerpt of film can be embedded into a social media post, to demonstrate your approach to the issue. You can either use an excerpt of the finished video itself, or you can contact your videographer and ask if some outtakes or footage not used in the final cut can be repurposed.


In an increasingly audio-visual world, more and more organisations and businesses are turning to the power of video. To find out how we can help you make the right impact by repurposing your long form video, get in touch with us today.