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Knew Productions Case Study: ApconiX

15th Apr 2021


New film hits the mark for team of nonclinical safety experts 

ApconiX is a team of world-renowned, nonclinical safety experts with over 400 years of drug discovery and development expertise providing services inion channel biology, target safety assessments and in all aspects of nonclinical programme design and delivery. The company needed a short film to explain the importance of target safety assessments and how the team works with its clients to provide the advice they need to make better decisions on drug safety – from project initiation through to worldwide marketing approval.  


Working with ApconiX, CST Marketing Management developed a brief and sourced the video company to work with ApconiX on the project. With the ongoing pandemic and all conferences and events still being held virtually, ApconiX required a videographer that could not only deliver the film they needed for an upcoming industry online conference, SOT 2021, but could also film it with a Covid-secure approach.



Meeting the brief

Knew Productions was selected for the project, as the company was able to exceed all the requirements of video expertise and the safe filming approach. With extensive experience of working within the pharmaceutical sector, the team at Knew Productions was already well versed in the stringent health and safety filming practices required. This aspect has been something that has made transitioning to Covid-secure filming much easier for Knew Productions.


Commented Richard Knew, Director at Knew Productions: “We really enjoy the challenges of working within the pharmaceutical sector. There is so much complexity in the work that takes place, and we need to be able to distil this message into something that is easy for end-users to understand.”


Live footage and animation

The filming took place on a Saturday to ensure that the filming location on Alderley Park, a Covid-safe site where ApconiX is based, was as empty as possible.  The ‘live’ footage that was taken on site at ApconiX’s facility was combined in post-production with some animation, to create the finished video. Commented Cynara Livera, Director at CST Marketing Management: “It was important we worked with a partner that could blend live filming and animation, to help us deliver a clear message, but also one that embraced a comprehensive Covid-secure filming approach. The team’s flexibility and availability to film at a weekend made a big difference too.”     


Commented Ruth Roberts, co-director and co-founder of ApconiX: “We identified a need for company videos sometime back, but the forthcoming conference – a very important event on the toxicology calendar – galvanised us to proceed. The team was all slightly apprehensive about being filmed, but Richard and his film crew were so adept at putting us at our ease and enabling us all to tell our story.  I felt that Knew Production’s approach brought out the genuine enthusiasm of our team for the work that we do.”


Showcasing the business

The company film, along with an introductory explainer video, were needed for a large industry conference, SOT 2021, which took place in March 2021.  This is the first in a series of films to showcase the different elements of ApconiX’s business.