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2nd Oct 2019

When we think about videos for business, we tend to think about the promotion of products and services. In truth the scope is far wider.


At Knew Productions, we’re regularly asked to make videos that help companies engage staff. Whether for the induction and training of new starters, updating employees on company news, or highlighting a special event, there’s no doubt that internal communications videos are getting more popular.


Many organisations love the fact that video allows for points to be put across in a short space of time, as complex messages can be simplified visually. Frankly, video content is more engaging, more emotive, and more enjoyable than printed hand-outs or presentations. People and places are brought to life, which beats reading text from a phone or tablet. Studies prove that information from videos is much more likely to be trusted and retained by our brains. Companies tell us that video works and is fast becoming integral to their employee engagement strategies.


Thanks to how easy it is to distribute video via workplace intranets and tools like WhatsApp, content can be circulated throughout a business instantly, to many different devices; meshing perfectly with the lives of busy employees. This is a cost saving too. Previously staff would need to travel to meetings and conferences, but now all that information can be condensed into a slick video.


“Videos are perfect for enhancing internal comms - even if your teams are based at home or in different countries around the world. They combine interviews, testimonials, data visualisation, motion graphics and animations, with real impact. Adding subtitles breaks language barriers and the nature of video means they can be updated easily when things in the organisation change.”

- Richard Knew, Managing Director


The success of internal comms videos can be easily measured, too. Through innovative filmmaking and creative graphics, internal comms videos work to strengthen your company brand and culture, resulting in increased participation and sense of camaraderie among staff. Just sit back and enjoy the reaction.


Our team have the expertise and experience to deliver corporate videos that captivate audiences, inspire action and drive results. Videos that you’ll be proud to show off. Videos that translate your messages effectively, whatever they may be…





Induction & Training

  • Overview of a business and its operations
  • Orientation of the work place and best practices
  • Health and safety information


Event Coverage

  • Conferences 
  • Awards evenings
  • Activity days out


Company Announcements

  • Annual reviews/targets
  • Product releases
  • Video blogs




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