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Education, Information & Promotion - the Versatility of Video

16th Mar 2015

So, what exactly did Richard get up to on that trip to Thailand last month?! Well, this was a production that illustrates how effective and versatile a professional video can be. One of our clients had been asked to produce a video that could be re-edited for a variety of purposes - firstly as a historical record, secondly as a source of information to be used at presentations and thirdly as a promotional tool, to be used on their website. These videos were seen as a cost effective investment, as the alternative - funding trips for clients and customers to travel to Thailand in person, was unfeasible.

The content of the video involved hand carved wood block printing. This is a specialist craft that originated in the old Lancashire cotton mills but is now only done in Thailand. The wood blocks that are painstakingly carved by hand take months to complete, they are then used to print on to fabric. The stunning designs that are produced are in high demand by UK designers and are used in furnishing stately homes, 5 star boutique hotels and is even by royal appointment! Our client wanted to produce a video that would document and record the traditional crafting skills, whilst also providing information to designers and potential buyers, demonstrating what was involved in producing the fabrics and finally to have a short, powerful promotional video for their homepage.

Richard has filmed many videos showcasing manufacturing techniques over the years, in all manner of different locations and environments. But this particular project and setting were unique and a real treat to work on! The footage will now be edited and re-edited, back at our studio, to suit all 3 purposes. The videos will present the printing process with all its sights, sounds and movement; highlighting the beautiful fabrics, amazing craftsmanship and wonderful country. Still photos and text descriptions simply cannot compete!