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Clearly informative – Training Videos

15th Jan 2021

With businesses having to explore all kinds of ways to connect and communicate with their workforce and customers, video is more important than ever. Video conferencing has become the way to facilitate meetings and videos are a great way to promote services and products, whether it’s showcasing a facility, providing a factory tour, demonstrating a manufacturing process or carrying out training. 


One of the effective ways video can be used is as a training tool. Creating a training video can be useful for any sector, from construction to manufacturing or engineering. It can be particularly useful where a company overseas has invested in an expensive new product that would normally include some in-person training. The training video could be created, say for a piece of software that requires a tutorial, and would then be used as guidance for the company’s staff. This could be viewed by 10 employees, or 100 or more. 


Video has a high impact and the investment obviously repays itself more if the video can be used multiple times, but even for smaller companies, creating a bespoke training or product video is well worth the effort. Edits of it can be used on a website or social media channels too, where it can reach a wider audience.  


Roll VT

Training a number of employees to the same high standard can become costly and time-consuming. An instructional or educational film can really help deliver the same information to an unlimited number of people in an exciting and engaging way. Digital technology has significantly streamlined the video process, which used to be produced on videotape. A video clip can now be easily shared across multiple platforms in an instant and can be reused many times. It also makes sure everyone receives the right, consistent message. 


Videos can take the place of actual in-person training. If it’s useful then this can be supplemented by a remote tutorial session or more. This would allow for the inclusion of an interactive Q&A, where the trainees can ask any pertinent questions. 


Processes and practice can be easily explained through the medium of video. By storyboarding a narrative, for example, the subject can be addressed step-by-step. Voiceover narration, captions and motion graphics can be used in exciting ways and the ‘training’ needn’t be a dry lecture, but an immersive experience that gives a practical demonstration of the product or process. In addition to training a company’s own employees, it is possible to create broadcast quality videos that deliver essential information to new contractors or even employee induction videos.This could include anything from Health & Safety procedures and company policy, to office and site procedures.


Safety measures

Even in the middle of a pandemic, filming can be done safely. Preliminary discussions can take place remotely and planning can be mapped out in advance of filming. At Knew Productions, we have adapted our working methods to enable us to keep calm and carry on, and deal with the various restrictions introduced by the UK government. We are based right on the North Wales - Cheshire border and have had to keep informed on the differing approaches of the two country’s governments. 


Fortunately, in-person filming is one activity that requires no physical interaction. Filming can be carried out at a safe distance and all other aspects – such as editing and post-production – can be carried out back in our studio. Our professionals will mitigate against any contact during the filming process. A risk assessment will be carried out prior to filming and social distancing is consistently maintained throughout. Outdoor filming is obviously the safest way to carry out these projects, but observing social distancing, indoor filming can also be achieved. The finished video can then be simply delivered to the client via internet file transfer.


If you think you can use video as a way to inform, train and connect with your staff or clients, then get in touch with our team today.