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Case Study Videos Help Bring In New Clients

7th Mar 2018

Case study videos can be an incredibly powerful video marketing tool when they are planned and constructed properly. They can convince a new prospect to invest in your product or service by presenting a number of different reasons to choose you. This is demonstrated to the prospect by means of highlighting a previous project you have completed with a happy customer. 

A structured case study in a video format is a great way to showcase your previous work in an engaging and exciting way. Most people in the modern day love to watch videos to gain information, so by having your case studies crafted into engaging video content, more potential customers are going to be influenced by it.

A case study video can explain the process, in which you complete a project from start to finish, taking the viewers through key stages so that they gain an understanding of the workflow. Getting a potential customer to understand how you will complete a project for them can be a big step in persuading them to choose you for the job. 

The other major advantage of having a case study video is that it puts a face and a story behind the testimonials from your happy customers. The emotion will come across on screen and your testimonials will suddenly come to life with the story behind it.

Presenting proof that you are providing a valuable service can be essential to stand out in today's competitive markets; content creation is now an integral part of generating new leads for your business, and by having a case study video you help bridge the trust gap to new customers. 

Have a look at how we have helped our customers bring their case studies to life with video. You can see some of these on our Knew Productions Vimeo Channel.