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2016 - The Story So Far!

14th Mar 2016

March! Where does the time go?! It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since we sent out the New Year ‘Knews Letter’ to our clients. Well, here at Knew Productions, we’ve certainly had lots to keep us busy - and a good variety of projects too. So far this year we’ve produced educational videos for Theatr Clwyd and Flintshire County Council, we’ve made instructional ‘how to’ videos for Ted Todd Flooring and we’ve collaborated with Thrive Creative to make an animation for Cheshire East Council.


Ted Todd Shoot

Ted Todd Flooring Shoot


In January the Knew Productions crew packed up the gear and hit the road to London for another film shoot with global leadership consultancy, LIW. It took place at the Zimmer+Rohde Showroom, in the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre. There was a team of twelve involved altogether and we can honestly say that it was a pleasure to work with such professional, enthusiastic, happy people! The positive atmosphere on set was pretty much in line with the whole LIW leadership philosophy, ‘common goals and a common language’, ‘getting things done’. You can find out more about LIW and their fresh, high impact approach to building leadership on their website here.


LIW Shoot at Chelsea Harbour Design Centre


One of our more recent projects is with the Army again - always exciting stuff! Several years ago we produced a recruitment film for the Royal Engineers - Geographic Technicians. Last year we updated this and now we are working on the Reservist version. This is a great example of how footage from one film shoot can be used for different purposes and also how video on a website can be kept up to date and fresh without having to go to the trouble and cost of producing a whole new film. This particular video has been incredibly effective for the Geo Tech’s. Their recruitment of ‘the right’ people has been very successful following the release of their video. They use it on their website, YouTube, and at events and it is now an essential part of their recruitment strategy.


 Richard and Vince with the Geographic Technicians


At Knew Productions, we have no doubt that this could be applied to any business or organisation trying to recruit or attract ‘the right’ people. Video shows what you have to offer in a way that other promotional or informational materials cannot. With good editing you can get your key messages across and ensure that everything looks its best in a concise, effective way - gaining attention and enticing your target audience! This in conjunction with the fact that still, more and more people are using the internet and referring to videos when researching or investigating their ideas, means that video is one of the most powerful recruitment tools you can have - and the British Army are a testament to that!!