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10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Video for Your Business

20th Apr 2016

So...why should you have a video for your business??!! Here are 10 great reasons:


1. Video shows your company in its best light. The beauty of editing and the magic of the edit suite means you can ensure your customers and clients see your business, staff, products and services at their very best.

2. You can use your video in lots of ways! On your website, YouTube, to send to clients and customers, for social media, as part of Powerpoint presentations and in exhibitions. Videos for promotion, education, conferences, recruitment, events...the opportunities are endless!

3. A video gives a website credibility. Your business comes across more professional and trustworthy.

4. Videos will save you time!! They can replace visits, tours and demonstrations meaning you do not have to repeat these time and time again - plus it will always be accurate and consistent.

5. Video is suited to mobile devices - it makes information easier to absorb than written text and visitors will stay on your website for longer.

6. Video will make your social media sparkle! It will get your business noticed - you will stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of your competition!

7. Video will boost your SEO, according to research by Forrester, a web page containing video is 50 times more likely to be ranked on the first page of a Google search.

8. Video will improve your conversion rate - more people go on to buy products and services after watching.

9. It’s friendly! Video gives a personal touch to your business. People and places are brought to life and it demystifies complicated services and products.

10. You work hard on your business and should be proud of the products or services you offer - share your pride and passion with as wide an audience as possible!!