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How to Prepare for Speaking on Camera

Even the most confident person can get nervous in front of the camera. Being an experienced public speaker is not the same as being an effective communicator on screen. Here are our top tips on how to prepare yourself for being filmed! First of all choose a production team you feel comfortable with... more »

New Year - Knew Editor

New Year - Knew Editor

  If you gave the same footage to 10 different editors you’d get 10 completely different videos back. Editing is an art form and the approach can vary drastically. For a production company, selecting the right editor is a vital decision as they are responsible for transforming hours of... more »

Planning for your Video

Planning for your Video

So, you’ve decided you want a video for your business or organisation. You’ve chosen your Production Company and have a good idea as to whats needed - what next?! Surely its just a case of getting out the cameras? No! Not at all. If your finished video is to be high quality with a strong... more »

Manufacturing and video. A perfect match?

You’re in the manufacturing industry. You’re proud of your business and want others to know what you do and how you do it. So you’re probably thinking brochures, ads, maybe even a stand at a trade show. But you should really be thinking of video, and here’s why. There are so... more »

The Drone Code

The Drone Code

At Knew Productions we are often asked about aerial filming - and you can see our current aerial showreel here. However drone footage is becoming increasingly common place. No longer is it purely the domain of TV nature programs and high end video productions. More and more we are seeing hobbyists a... more »

Video Marketing – An Agency Owners Perspective

In this blog article Dave Powell, MD of Thrive, gives his view on the role of video in effective brand communication. Video, I’m a huge fan. It can help make the complex simple and deliver messages to audiences with impact and emotion. And, with such a proliferation of communication channels,... more »

Uses and benefits of multi-language videos.

Multi-language videos can benefit a business in many different ways. Although English is very widely spoken, for people who speak it as a second language, 9 out of 10 of them would prefer to consume content (written or video) in their native language, as found in a survey report by ‘Eurobarome... more »

Another delighted manufacturing client!

Knew Productions was recently appointed by Wrexham-based Tritech Group to create a promotional video showcasing the business’ capabilities, scale, and expertise following a period of significant growth and rapid expansion.  Tritech was established in 1982 and specialises in manufacturing... more »

Knew Productions trip to BVE, London.

By Bianca Smith - Video Editor On the last day of February, with the overcast sky heavy with snow, Richard and I braved the elements and boarded a train to London on a Knew Productions trip to the BVE conference! The Broadcast and Video Exhibition is held annually, essentially it is a giant trade s... more »

Case Study Videos Help Bring In New Clients

Case study videos can be an incredibly powerful video marketing tool when they are planned and constructed properly. They can convince a new prospect to invest in your product or service by presenting a number of different reasons to choose you. This is demonstrated to the prospect by means of highl... more »