Knew Productions Ltd


In an increasingly audio-visual world, more and more businesses and organisations are turning to video to deliver their messages

Website Videos

The effectiveness and power of well produced business website videos is undisputed. Proven by all current data and statistics.

Promotional Videos

Video is one of the fastest growing marketing formats. More and more businesses are using video as an exciting and effective promotional tool that brings products and services to life!

Corporate Event Videos

One-off events give you a one-off chance to capture the moment. Whether it’s the arrival of a VIP visitor or a conference, seminar, meeting or presentation, we can help.

Trade Show & Exhibition Videos

Every business needs to make a good impression. Whether you're showcasing new products or presenting your services, a well produced video will make you stand out.

Conference Videos

Hosting an event is a great way to encourage face-to-face interactions and develop personal relationships. Capturing your event on film can make the time and money you invested stretch even further.

Testimonial Videos

Video Testimonials can be incredibly effective- we all know that people buy from people. Why not show of your skills and services by filming your client's praises?

Recruitment Videos

Finding the right people for the right job isn’t always easy. A professionally produced DVD can help drive your recruitment process, saving you time and money while delivering better results.

TV Commercials

Everyone remembers a great commercial! Our priority is to produce work that delivers your key messages effectively. The end result is something that will make people sit up and pay attention.

Training & Induction Videos

How your employees operate is crucial to the success of any company. Effective training starts with an understanding of the needs of the audience. We enjoy helping clients find the best way to reach out to their people to successfully communicate training and education messages.

Fundraising Videos

Raising money for charity is a tough and highly competitive business. A DVD featuring the best of your case studies can increase your income, help recruit new donors and drive visitors to your website.


Films for Young People

We believe a DVD is the most effective way of delivering important information quickly and with the necessary impact. And when the target audience is children and young people a DVD really does make all the difference.

Case Study Videos

A good case study can be a really powerful marketing tool and well crafted video case studies should tell customer success stories in a compelling and credible way.